The Allxs Interschool Battle of the Bands

Allxs Media has announced its 2023 Interschool Battle of the Bands. The aim of the competition is to nurture artistic talent at the school level and create a discovery platform for the next generation of South African stars with the support of the South African music industry.

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Allxs Interschool Battle of the Bands

Cashless School Card

Fully integrated multi vendor system with a single basket. Directly integrated all vendors on campus. 

Point of Sale

The cashless point of sale is integrated into your online ordering system, cashless school cards, bank cards, Master Pass. 

Cashless payment solutions for events

Cashless Payments

Cashless payments for schools includes card payments, in app payments and ecommerce. 

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Allxs is a single platform to manage all your payments on and off campus. Manage your payments, tickets, fund raisers, point of sale, e-commerce, mobile commerce, inventory and rewards in a single platform. 

Event App, Payments, Ticketing, Brand Activations and much more with ALLXS VIP

Partner with Allxs VIP for cashless events, brand activations and promotions, and sell your tickets for free.


Allxs is a single platform to manage your customer’s shopping and cashless payment experience. Manage your payments, point of sale, e-commerce, mobile commerce, inventory and rewards in a single platform. The cross-platform system unifies the customer experience across web, mobile and physical store.

The Allxs e-commerce module enables the client to launch an online and a mobile store directly integrated into their cashless point of sale and inventory system. The e-commerce system is capable of a single shopping experience across multiple vendors by adding products from a range of stores into a single basket. The e-commerce application is delivered as a progressive web app which, when launched from the users home screen, loads instantly, regardless of the state of the network ensuring an instant reliable experience for the users. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the user’s home screen, without the need for an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification. 

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Allxs Media Pty Ltd is a Fintech company with a focus on delivering Africa’s premier experience management platform. To achieve this, we combine closed loop payments with open loop integrations, manage value, digital currency, points and vouchers, remote ordering and printing, inventory and location-based communication. The system has many applications across a variety of industries but offers a unique opportunity to verticals such as events, education and hospitality.

The transaction and account management system is especially versatile and can be integrated to manage digital payment authentication for a wide variety of applications that require the ability to load funds into a closed system and transact in a prescribed manner. The solution aims to improve the customer experience by delivering contextually relevant information and a seamless environment to engage, transact. and improve efficiency and profitability.

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Cashless Canteen

Meal Booking System

The meal booking module is designed to manage meal bookings for a future date and is independent of our live ordering, click and collect or curbside

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