Smart School ID

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SCHOOLADVISOR CASE STUDY: African Leadership Academy

The African Leadership Academy had three challenges to solve and a cashless payment solution was their solution. To find out what these challenges were and to find out more about ALLXS (the company they chose), we chatted to Nolizwe Mhlaba from the African Leadership Academy. Here’s what she had to say.


A single Smart School ID is a cashless school card that can open doors, pay for meals, manage bus rides and monitor attendance. Utilising the loyalty and reward management module students will be rewarded with points and vouchers for healthy eating habits through the seamlessly integrated loyalty engine in the cashless point of sale. The cashless school card gives parents the control to manage spending and dietary requirements and provides access to detailed reporting and communication. The merchant is provided with a fully functional cashless point of sale system with stock management, reporting and an advanced pre-order system which improve efficiencies and controls. Click here to read more about how our clients are using the Allxs Smart School ID.


Benefits For Parents

Manage your account/s online. Access account insights. Top up accounts with funds at a convenient time. View orders and payment history. Receive an email when account is suspended or running low of funds. Set up daily spending limits. Manage dietary restrictions. Pre-order lunches online. Monitor spending and purchasing. Advanced features such as allergy warnings help to alert campus cafeteria staff. Ensures the money allocated is being spent on campus. Risk of theft on campus is eliminated.

The campus becomes fully automated. Creates a safer and more convenient campus experience. Access control on campus. Stock control and automatic ordering possibilities. Convenient and cashless experiences across all campus activities.

Benefits For Campus

Cashless Payments

Experience a cashless school card for payment and voucher redemption on campus! Our proprietary mobile, NFC enabled point of sale is the perfect way to manage all your day to day transactions on and off campus. The system conveniently runs offline when internet is down by storing transactions and automatically updating the system when the connection resumes.


Make My School Cashless


Allocate a percentage of transactions to campus fundraising activities. Raising funds for worthy causes has never been simpler than tapping your cashless school card.


Access control

Fast, safe and controlled access and ticket redemption which seamlessly integrates into point of sale powered by our NFC cashless school card. Real time verification at access control points speeds up the queuing process and eliminates the potential of fraud.


Integrated ticketing

The integrated ticketing solution gives staff control of all ticket sales for every event under campus management. Directly linked to the student cashless school card photo ID for easy single tap redemption or wireless scanning for bar coded visitor tickets.