Unified Commerce Solution For Events

The Allxs event commerce solution with cashless payments, in app payments integrates your mobile store directly into our cashless point of sale and inventory system. The cashless event commerce system is capable of a single shopping experience across multiple outlets by adding products from a range of merchants into a single basket. The cashless event commerce application is delivered as a progressive web app which, when launched from the users home screen, loads instantly, regardless of the state of the network ensuring an instant reliable experience for the users. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the users home screen, without the need for an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification.


Digital vouchers are a great way to manage promotional items, discounts or permissions. Vouchers is the best way to control sampling and tastings. We have a wide range of capabilities to deliver exactly what you need. Vouchers can be set to deliver a particular product or a group of products ie a free Coke or a free drink. Vouchers can be time controlled and can be delivered and expires at set times.



This mode is best suited to manage access or collections of  single product. The digital voucher is loaded onto the card holders account and can only be redeemed by the designated operator device. The NFC device authenticates the digital voucher with a tap of the card or armband and displays a green screen when valid and a red screen when invalid.



The Allxs print management software gives you the flexibility of deciding exactly how and when printing occurs. Configurations include voucher printing for additional controls. This is similar to a queuing system where a voucher is printed with the required info when the card is tapped on the kiosk. Printers can be set up in remote locations for remote printing capabilities. Take orders on mobile devices and let them print in a service are for quicker service time. Alternatively set them up in your store rooms to print automated stock requisitions as stock depletes through sales and tasting.


The integrated Allxs mobile app is beacon enabled. This gives event organisers to deliver in venue messaging based on the customers exact location, identity and time of day. Messages can be live or automated giving you the freedom to send time sensitive announcements or activate a lunch special at lunch time. Digital receipts are also pushed to all customers in app or via email for every purchase that occurs on the card.

Manage Your Payments

Credit Cards

Cashless Payments and Vouchers

Manage Your Own Analytics


Access detailed analytics across the entire event including sales reports, customer reports, inventory reports and payment reports. Banking integrations streamline collections, settlements and refunds where appropriate.

Tracking Your Sales

Event Point of Sale

A unique itemised interface for every vendor for accurate by product sales reporting and stock control. This mode works both online and offline if necessary. It can track every point of sales user for accountability, incentives and commissions. In the online mode the sales and stock data is live and accessible online for business owners to track their mobile outlets in real-time.

Payment Mode

Payment terminal mode tracks all transactions and the payment modes used. This mode caters for credit card payments, cash and cashless payments. The reporting will deliver transaction information but not the itemised details of the products purchased. This mode is useful in conjunction with other point of sale systems or where tracking of sales data and inventory is not important.

Cashless Payments Mode

Cashless Payments Mode delivers a fully cashless event experience. This mode can operate as a hybrid allowing vendors to accept credit cards or closed loop cashless payments. Cashless point of sale devices provide itemised product interface integrated into live stock control, voucher redemption and customer communication. The customers cashless card is used for all purchases at the event resulting in detailed event analytics.


Managing Your Event Inventory

Purchase Orders

Purchase order management for your event in the planning phase will enable a seamless event management experience from start to finish. All inventory orders for your event can be placed on the system and the goods received note manager will allocated the stock into the central virtual warehouse as it is delivered.


Virtual Warehouse

Central virtual warehouse where all the stock that will be available at the event will be received before issuing to each individual virtual warehouse. All outlets at the event will requisition their stock from the central warehouse.


Automated requisitions can be configured based on minimum stock level requirements in each outlets. The requisitions can be activated from the POS terminal. These requisitions can be printed, emailed or appear on screen to the warehouse administrator for issuing.



Transfer issued stock between outlets based on a real time sales and stock data across outlets. Optimise your efficiencies by better controlling stock movement at the event. The wholistic view of all available stock across all outlets ensures they run at their optimum