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To register a parent account, open the browser on your cell phone and enter your school’s unique portal address. 

We suggest you use CHROME as a browser for the best user experience.

You can also find your school portal HERE.

Please note that you do not have to create an account for your child/ren. They already have an account with us that is linked to their cashless band or card. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please ensure that you have only used the Allxs card/account number as a reference when you make the payment. We do not need your name or email address in the reference. This will ensure we allocate your payment without a delay.

Payments takes normal banking hours to reflect. If you do not bank with Nedbank, it can take up to 48 hours.

Your email address may be in use by another company that uses the Allxs Cashless System. Please try another email address or contact us via WhatsApp support and we will free up the email for you.

Please ensure you are using the number that is on your child’s card. If the system still rejects it, please contact us via WhatsApp support and we will link your child for you.

Please contact us via WhatsApp support. We will link your child’s new account to your primary account for you.

If you want to see statements, set dietary restrictions, and low balance alerts or change notifications, click on PROFILE under your child’s account balance.

To make a payment into the card you can do an EFT with internet banking or deposit at a Nedbank ATM. Use your Allxs primary account number as a reference when you make the deposit, and we will allocate the funds to your wallet. You can then log on to your account and do a transfer to each card by clicking on the TRANSFER button. 

You can also top up your wallet with a credit or debit card by clicking on the TOP UP button in your wallet.

Alternatively, you can make a deposit directly to the card. Use your child’s Allxs card/account numbers as a reference when you make the EFT and we will allocate your deposit to the card for you.

You will find your primary account number at the top right-hand corner of the screen (if on a PC) or by clicking on MY ACCOUNT in your WALLET. 

We would like to welcome all our new schools to the Allxs Cashless System.
For safety in the event of a lost card, as well as for ease of control, many parents use the WALLET system to hold a balance in it so they can transfer money to their child immediately without the worry of the 24-hour delay that the banks have. Since it is in their WALLET and is free, it is also cheaper than paying bank fees for “Immediate Payment” or credit card payments.
If you decide to use the WALLET system, then insert YOUR account number in the bank reference for the deposit. If you decide to send money directly to your child, insert their card/account number in the bank reference for the deposit.
You can view your child’s transactions, both in and out, by clicking PROFILE just under their name. To view your account transactions, click ACCOUNTS on the left or click MY ACCOUNT in the WALLET
You can also set daily limits and arrange a low balance warning to yourself. Click PROFILE under the child’s name in your account and then click PROFILE AND SETTINGS in the resulting page. Daily spending limit is on the right and the low balance warning down the bottom.
PLEASE NOTE THAT NORMAL BANKING DEPOSITS TAKE 24 HOURS TO REFLECT ON THE ACCOUNT. The following is the banking details for the procedure when sending an EFT to your accounts. Nedbank is integrated within our system, so will automatically assign your payments to the correct account that you specify but it is important that you supply only the account number, and no other information, on the Banks Reference block when depositing.
There is an alternative to sending funds by EFT from the bank and having to wait for it to reflect for 24 hours, which is the normal delay from a bank, on standard EFT transfers. You can transfer via the TOP UP feature on your WALLET. It will allow you to use your debit or credit card and the funds will be available immediately. There is a small bank fee charged but it is handy in an emergency.
If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask us.