Cashless Payment System for Schools

Allxs is a single Shool Cashless Payments system, POS, vending, and ordering app to manage all your schools cashless payments on and off campus.



All internal and external vendors have their own store with product management, inventory, reporting, BI API integrated into the Point of Sale. Every school has a dedicated portal with their own multi vendor marketplace where products can be customised for every vendor..

Point of Sale

Our cloud based Point of Sale keeps all your locations in perfect sync with up to the minute business intelligence. The cashless progressive web app enables schools to launch an online and a mobile store for every vendor on campus.

Advanced Settlements

Settlements are automated for each vendor using our Host to Host integration into the banking system. Settlements are configured to every vendors requirements and payment instructions are generated based on sales at the specified frequency. The bank collects these instructions from our system and executes accordingly while delivering the relevant statements to the designated administrator.

Cashless Vending

Cashless vending is available from our integration partners using the Allxs cashless payments system. The NFC enabled cashless payments student card can also be integrated into third party systems for printing and access control.

External Venors

School use their integrated E-commerce to manage ad hoc payments and collections for a variety of purposes such as fund raises, extramural activities, school outings, school events, tickets sales, and bus ticket.


Collections of online purchases or attendance at extracurricular activities are tracked by tapping the personalised and school branded NFC student card on an NFC enabled android phone or point of sale or by scanning a unique QR code on the student’s device or printed ticket.

Ordering App

Integrated into the Point of sale of every vendor on campus. Live access to balance, Itemised purchase history. Set personal preferences,dietary restrictions and top up account right on your phone. Payments and collections authentication..

Buy Now, Pay Later

This module is designed to give parents the flexibly to pay big ticket items over time. It is useful to help streamline planning for items such as school trips or schoolbooks. Get all the orders in while allowing parents to pay withing a specified time frame.

Inventory Management

Ensure that your inventory is depleting from the correct stock while always having a birds eve view of all available stock across the operation. Manage your suppliers, purchase orders and good received notes from your back office.


The pre-order system is for in advance order management by week, month or longer if desired. This system manages rotating menus by date and group. Collections are integrated into the canteen POS and can be authenticated by card or QR code.

Bus Tickets

Manage your bus trips with our card based digital ticket system. Tickets can be purchased online or at the point of sale with a predetermined number of trips.

Business Intelligence

The School Cashless Payments system, delivers in-depth business analytics across the ecosystem, providing a view of exactly who purchases what product and from which vendor. This enables our clients to leverage their purchasing power across the entire ecosystem of suppliers. The BI API gives clients the flexibility to dissect the data to their specific requirements. Access to data across all vendors at your event to ensure accurate commissions are earned by the school.

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Is your school looking for a hassle-free solution for cashless payments? Look no further than our cashless school card! With the ability to use it for everything from vending machines to bus fare, tuck shop purchases to event tickets, this card is a one-stop-shop for all your school payment needs. Plus, you can even make purchases through a convenient app for extra ease and security.