Meal Booking System: Streamline Your Meal Planning with the Allxs Meal Booking Module

The Allxs meal booking module is a sophisticated tool designed to simplify and manage meal bookings for future dates, operating independently from our live ordering, click-and-collect, and curbside delivery modules. Whether you’re a parent ordering for your child, or a department arranging meals for staff, our system makes it effortless to plan and manage meals across various outlets and menus.

Comprehensive and Flexible Meal Booking

Our meal booking system is user-centric, calendar-based, vendor-specific, and menu-driven. This comprehensive approach allows users to book meals for multiple individuals, on different days, across various outlets, and from a diverse selection of menus. Here’s how it works:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Users can easily select the outlet of their choice, pick a date, and choose from the available menus (e.g., breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for that day.
  • Versatile Ordering: Parents can order meals for their children, and departments can book for their staff. Most users will place their own orders, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Basket Functionality: Items can be added to the basket across all selected dates and menus, allowing for a single, streamlined checkout process.
  • Advance Bookings: Plan ahead with the ability to process bookings up to 30 days in advance, with configurable menu cut-off times to suit your needs.

Seamless Payment and Collection

The Allxs meal booking module accommodates various payment methods, ensuring a smooth transaction process:

  • Multiple Payment Options: Pay for meal bookings using digital wallets, bank cards, and digital vouchers at the time of ordering.
  • Easy Authentication: Collect your orders by tapping a staff card on the collection device or scanning the auto-generated QR code in the Allxs web app on your mobile device.
  • Instant Confirmation: When the collection is authenticated, the device screen turns green, and an optional collection receipt can be printed for your records.

Customizable and Efficient

The Allxs meal booking system is designed to adapt to your specific requirements:

  • Configurable Cut-Off Times: Set menu cut-off times as per client requests, providing flexibility and control over meal planning and preparation.
  • Independent Module: Operates separately from other ordering modules, ensuring dedicated functionality for future meal bookings.

The Allxs meal booking module is a powerful tool that brings convenience and efficiency to meal planning and ordering. Its user-friendly interface, flexible booking options, seamless payment methods, and customizable features make it the ideal solution for managing meals in any setting. Whether for schools, corporate environments, or large events, our system ensures that meal planning is hassle-free and well-organized. Experience the benefits of streamlined meal bookings with Allxs, and enjoy a smarter, more efficient way to manage your meals.