5 Reasons why the Allxs Smart School ID is the leading cashless payment system

The Allxs Smart School ID is not just another lunch card but a high-tech system that includes payment automation, point of sale, inventory management, ticket sales, attendance monitoring and eCommerce for your school.

  1. Allxs is a live cloud-based system that ensures constant communication across all outlets on campus and can also be used across schools. This gives learners the ability to make purchases at other schools that have the system installed at sports fixtures and events but still with the peace of mind that the money can only be spent at school. 
  2. The progressive web app is available to parents to manage their children’s accounts on their mobile phones. Topping up accounts, checking balances and statements, setting daily limits,   and notifications are all available in the app. Parents can also use the app to make payments at school using the encrypted and pin protected QR in the app or in-app payments with the touch of a button. The app includes a multi-store eCommerce giving parents the ability to purchase items in the app for collection. Teachers and learners can also use this system to order and collect from the tuckshop, skipping the queue. 
  3. Our smart school ID uses NFC technology (Near Field Communication) to manage all transactions on campus. NFC is the fastest technology available and can be integrated into access control, door locks, printers, etc. Giving you the peace of mind that your system will not be obsolete tomorrow. No need to worry about multiple systems that cannot communicate with each other. Our cloud-based technology coupled with the NFC protocol can integrate into just about anything.   
  4. The Allxs proprietary attendance reader is now available to help manage attendance and notify all relevant parties of absence or tardiness. Install the attendance reader at key access points, and learners simply tap to authenticate their attendance. The attendance reader contains a relay which makes it possible to use it as an access point to open doors or release turnstiles. 
  5. The recipe level inventory system is perfect to help control all of your business units. Whether it’s the ingredients of the burger or the items which make up a stationery pack. Our inventory system has got you covered. You can manage your suppliers, purchase orders, goods received notes, digital warehouses, requisitions, products and ingredients all in one cloud-based solution. Best of all, it fully integrates into the cashless point of sale and mobile eCommerce system providing a fully unified commerce solution.