The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show Goes Digital

The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show will lead the way into the future by introducing technology to help manage wine inventory across the event. Allxs Media will deliver the solution that will manage the stock flow of more than 70 exhibitors from a centralised wine vault in real time. The inventory management system has been specifically designed to manage stock at events based on real time sales data, sampling data and pre-set minimum stock levels. The new platform will be rolled out in phases across the country starting at the Johannesburg event running from the 7th to 9th of June at Montecasino. The implementation of this system promises to streamline operations and deliver a superior customer experience with valuable data for all.

“We are thrilled to have an opportunity to apply the Allxs system to such a prestigious event. We are excited to be a part of guiding the wine exhibition industry towards a connected future.” – Raphael Domalik, CEO Allxs Media.

So how does the system work?

The stock is managed by a central warehouse representing the wine vault and a network of virtual warehouses that represent the individual exhibitors. Each exhibitor’s virtual warehouse is connected to a custom point of sale linked to the available inventory. The inventory is automatically populated in the Point of Sales as per a pre-defined unit of measure module. This enables an exact definition of how many millilitres constitute a tasting and how many millilitres constitute a glass or bottle sold. The automated requisition system can then be used to restock the individual exhibitor’s stock on hand from the central wine vault based on pre-set desired stock levels. As soon as stock on hand levels drop below the minimum stock level set, the system automatically triggers the requisition which is delivered to the stock controller for approval. This process can also be managed by the stock controller and adjusted manually before the requisition is authorised. Requisitions can be initiated from the Point of Sale by the wine operator, should there be a need for a unique requirement in addition to the automated pre-sets.

In the next phase, visitors will be issued with a NFC tag that can be used to track their tastings as well as their purchases without having to carry anything during the event, with the option of collecting their purchases on their way out or have it shipped to directly to their home using the complimentary Sip n Ship option. With this new service, all tasting data will be available to visitors on their personal dashboard along with purchase history and the ability to order additional stock online.

“We’re excited to be taking The Wine Show to the next level using Allxs’s platform. Not only will the system streamline operations and provide valuable sales and tasting data for our exhibitors, but it will also improve our visitors experience by enabling them to enjoy the event without the worry of carrying their purchases around with them. It will also log their favourite brands, varietals and a wealth of other information”- Chris Jackson, COO The Wine Show.