The New Standard in Cashless Payments Systems for Schools, Events and Hospitality has arrived

Allxs is proud to unveil the ultimate cashless payment solution, designed to revolutionize transactions for schools, events, markets, and hospitality settings. Our system seamlessly integrates closed-loop cashless payments with open-loop credit card acquiring, creating a unified cashless environment that enhances convenience and efficiency.

Why Choose Allxs?

Our hybrid system combines the flexibility of bank cards with the personalization of branded event cards or smart school IDs. This innovative approach ensures comprehensive analytics and detailed reporting without sacrificing ease of use.

Comprehensive Point of Sale and Events Management

The Allxs Point of Sale (POS) and events management system is a powerhouse of functionality:

  • Sales and Inventory Management: Track and manage all sales and inventory seamlessly.
  • Payment Flexibility: Accept credit card payments, closed-loop payments, and even sell mobile data and airtime from any stand.
  • Vouchers and Discounts: Easily manage and apply vouchers and discounts.
  • Integrated Solution: Eliminate the need for separate cash tills and credit card terminals with our all-in-one system, reducing user errors and saving time on cash-ups.
  • Detailed Reporting: Access comprehensive reports that provide insights into sales and transactions.

Customers with NFC-enabled tap cards can make payments instantly, while those who prefer to use cash can load funds onto an event card at designated top-up stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Allxs cashless payments and event management system built for?

The Allxs system is tailored for schools, events, clubs, and hospitality venues. It integrates POS, closed-loop and credit card payments, member account management, inventory control, remote printing, vouchers, discounts, and digital rewards currency into one platform.

What is the difference between the Allxs point of sale and a regular point of sale?

The Allxs POS tracks itemized sales for every order and includes an integrated credit card facility. When a credit card is selected as the payment method, the transaction is automatically processed through the pin pad, eliminating manual entry errors and ensuring accurate sales data.

How is the Allxs credit card processing system different from other credit card terminals?

Traditional credit card terminals only record transaction amounts and do not provide detailed sales data. Mobile credit card terminals are not integrated with cash register systems and cannot automatically reconcile sales. The Allxs system integrates all these functions, offering a seamless and error-free transaction process.

Do my customers have to load their money onto a separate card to make my event cashless?

No, customers can use their own NFC-enabled bank cards or choose to load an event card for use at your event. This flexibility ensures a smooth and convenient experience for all attendees.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that enables communication between devices when they are placed close to each other. Most new bank cards are NFC-enabled, allowing for faster and more convenient payments during checkout.

The Allxs cashless payment system is designed to elevate the experience for schools, events, and hospitality venues. By integrating payments, inventory management, and detailed reporting into a single platform, Allxs provides a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and improves the overall customer experience. Discover the future of cashless payments with Allxs and transform the way you manage transactions.