The New Standard in Cashless Payments Systems for Schools, Events and Hospitality has arrived.

The Best Cashless Payments System for Schools, Events and Hospitality has arrived.

Combining closed loop cashless payments with open loop credit card acquiring, seamlessly integrated into a single cashless payment system for your schools, events, markets and exhibitions. Make your events truly cashless with a hybrid of bank cards and your own branded events card or personalised smart school ID without compromising the analytics.

The Allxs Point of Sale and events management system can manage your sales, inventory, credit card payments, closed loop payments, vouchers, discounts and even sell mobile data and airtime from any stand. There is no more need to rent cash tills and credit card terminals separately when you can get an all in one integrated solution. The integrated point of sale and credit card acquiring solution prevents user error, saves hours on cash up time and delivers detailed reporting. The Allxs cashless payment system accepts all NFC tap cards right at the stand. Customers who do not have tap enabled cards or only carry cash can load an event card at the top up station.


Who is the Allxs cashless payments and event management system built for?

The system was developed for schools, events, clubs and hospitality. Allxs is an integrated payment platform which consist of a point of sale with closed loop payments, credit card payments, member account management, inventory control, remote printing, vouchers, discounts and a digital rewards currency.

What is the difference between the Allxs point of sale and a regular point of sale.

The Allxs point of sale tracks itemised sales for every order with an integrated credit card facility. This means that the order is processed on the point of sale by selecting the correct products and when credit card is selected as the payment method, the transaction is automatically referred to the pin pad with no room for error as the amount does not need to be entered manually.

How is the Allxs credit card processing system different to any other credit card terminal.

Credit card terminals only record amounts that are processed and do not provide any detailed sales data. Mobile credit card terminals are not integrated into any cash register system and are not capable of automatically reconciling the sales.

Do my customers have to load their money onto a separate card to make my event cashless.

No, your customers can use their own NFC enabled bank cards or load an events card to use at your event.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that allows the exchange of communication between 2 devices by placing them next to each other. All new bank cards are NFC enabled to allow for faster payments during the check out process.