Smart School ID Card

What You Need To Know About Your School’s School ID Card

Why settle for less? With the implementation of the Smart Card ID country wide it was only a matter of time before these same, if not improved, technologies were implemented in schools everywhere. It is time to get your hands on the newest in School ID technologies. Here is all you need to know when deciding what type of ID suits your school’s needs.

Smart School ID Card vs Regular School ID Card

What exactly do you need from your ID cards? How secure do you need this information to be? How fast or new do you want the technology? There is no one size fits all and so this is entirely up to you and what you think your school would benefit from.


The good old mag stripe or bar code: Open a door or pull up accounts, it’s all about one-way communication. It gets the job done, however, the downside to these is that the card’s lifespan is substantially lower than that of cards with more advanced tech such as NFC or RFID.

NFC and RFID: Woah woah tech talk! Don’t be alarmed, I’ll walk you through this one. This technology provides for contactless communication from a card to a device. From a single tap, a student is quickly and efficiently able to enter places on campus, pay for their lunches, uniforms, buses, for attendance to be taken, the list goes on and on and I think you get the point. NFC and RFID have taken campus life to the next level. Schools are a fast paced environment, as I am sure I do not have to tell you, and cannot waste time on scanners not reading or mag stripes breaking. It’s in and out, just like that.

These Smart School Card IDs are coded with a unique ID linked to a particular person that can be viewed and managed from a back-end computer. This allows for unimaginable upgrades. Just think of the possibilities! Sure, you were looking for a way to identify your students on campus, but now you can control who is allowed where, monitor what they buy, when they were at school, how many buses they took, you can finally understand what is in demand at your school and which areas you need to focus on to improve your school and how students, teachers, and visitors alike experience your campus just by adding any additional information or functionality simultaneously at any time straight from your computer.

Now the really exciting part, the Cloud.

Before the Cloud, all information and data were stored and managed on site on a server by each individual IT department. This means that if you ever wanted to upgrade or increase the amount of memory etc you would have to buy a bigger and better computer and server. This also means in the case of a flood, fire, or theft, all that information is completely and utterly wiped, back to square one.

But fear not! The Cloud is here! Cloud computing saves all your data virtually, with backup systems that make your data safe and accessible at any time. Gone are the days of expensive and unreliable servers, providing you with the most convenient and cost effective access to your school’s database possible. In addition, running a cloud based system on campus allows you to have a Live Campus. What this means is you have real time information throughout campus. As soon as attendance is taken, a purchase is made, or a door is opened, this information is updated in your database in real time. Gone are the days of strenuous hours filling out forms, delayed responses, or any inaccurate information being documented.

Making Your Smart School ID a Reality

Picture this: Each student now has their own personalized, unique, and secure Smart School ID card, equipped with the fastest and safest technology to date, branded with your school information and any unique information about the student that you desire (ie student number, photo etc). With their card they enter campus with a single tap. Upon arriving to class students can tap in and out allowing attendance and movement tracking. Later in the day they need to pay for something at the uniform shop, or perhaps make a copy in the office, tap tap. Next stop is the tuckshop: with a single tap students can pick up pre ordered lunches and pay for their lunch at lightning speed. Perhaps they have to pay for a fundraiser or school outing, tap tap. Suddenly their card becomes a universal card, one that essentially controls everything on campus, and it is valuable to both them and the school.
Parents at home

Manage your child’s account online at home, at work, at Starbucks. Have full control and insight into how much your child is spending on what. Having this kind of accessibility allows parents to top up accounts with funds at a convenient time, view orders and payment history, receive emails regarding low balances or suspended accounts, set daily spending limits, manage dietary restrictions, monitor spending, and even pre order lunches online.
For Your School

Your Smart School ID makes your campus fully automated. It creates a safer and more convenient experience on campus, with access control, stock control and automatic ordering possibilities. And perhaps most importantly, your campus becomes convenient and cashless eliminating risks of theft on campus.

For Your School Functions and Events

Go above and beyond with your Smart School ID card. Set up cashless events where visitors, students, staff, and parents can book and pay for events online to automatically be linked to the Smart School ID Card or Smart Visitor Card. Simply tap the Smart School ID against a device for ticket validation and any payments during the event, these cards can be purchased preloaded with funds for the event or can be physically loaded onto the card at cash loading points. With your Smart School Card, you will improve queue times and visitor experience with easy setup vendors and improved efficiency and control of transactions across all vendors. For the first time ever your event will have real time insights and improved stock control and staff management.
Not an off the shelf product.


The Smart School ID Card is all about options. As I said, it is not a one size fits all. With this technology, you can choose! Don’t want a card? Use a bracelet. Don’t want to log in online? Try the APP. Choose a company that is willing to work WITH you on your implementation. Explore all your options and create a completely customized solution perfect for your school.


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