A rewards program with a difference. AXS Coin rewards for schools are fully integrated into the smart school ID and all of its features and controls. Motivate education through rewards. AXS Coins can be used at the school or with our partners. Use AXS Coins to purchase treats at the tuck shop, air time, movie and concert tickets, books and data. With a well-designed loyalty and reward program, academic performance & attendance are improved, extra-curricular activities are encouraged, student/teacher relations are improved, financial literacy is enhanced & community cohesion is revitalized.

Students Can Be Rewarded with AXS Coins for Good Practice, Grades and Attendance.

One of the most important aspects of teaching is motivation. It is also one of the most difficult. Giving students a sense of ownership allows them to feel accomplished and encourages active participation in class and their school.  Reward children for being involved in athletics and extramural activities. Encourage your students to start clubs and choose healthier options at the tuck shop. Rewards give students a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to work with a goal in mind.

Motivate students to learn under a rewards-based system. Students tend to show higher interest and increased participation in everyday classroom duties and responsibilities with tangible rewards and reinforcement at frequent intervals. Rewards programs can also be used to encourage long-term effort and accountability.

Teachers Are Special, And They Deserve Special Attention.

Reward teachers and parents with AXS COINS in order to bring the village together and build a stronger educational ecosystem. Entice participation by rewarding parents for actively participating in their child’s school life. Teachers can be rewarded for participating in extra training and class performance.

Get Parents More Involved


Parents and students can pool their rewards together and send teachers on a holiday or day at a spa to thank them for their hard work. Parents can help with school trips, drama productions or with one-off events at the school.

Parents can earn AXS Coins for volunteering their services at the school.  Classroom helpers volunteer to assist teachers on a regular basis. They help with tasks like listening to pupils read. Reading practice is very labor-intensive, and helpers can make a big difference to teachers and children. Parents can help teachers prepare for the day as well as hand out worksheets, freeing up the teacher’s valuable time.

Classroom helpers make a big difference. Research shows that having a parent who volunteers improves a child’s experience of school. And the parent gets to experience behind the scenes at school.

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