Order Ahead with Allxs at your next event

Cashless event solutions

Allxs delivers seamless order ahead capability thanks to its integrated mobile app, point of sale, cashless payments and remote printing services. Put an end to long queues with customers missing half the show are your events. The system can be used by waiters taking orders on mobile POS devices or customers can place their own orders in the mobile app and collect at designated collection points when ready.

So how does the Allxs Order Ahead system work?

Topping up your Allxs cashless account makes the funds available both on your event card and your mobile wallet on your phone. Make purchases by tapping your card at the desired outlet or open your app and place your order right inside your app. Open your Allxs app, click on the vendor feed to select your outlet of choice and select buy. The point of sale interface will open where you can place your order and make payment with your available balance. The order will automatically print on the designated printer or digital display printer at the relevant destination for preparation. Your order number will be delivered to your Allxs app when it is ready for collection. Alternatively, tap your cashless card on the merchant’s POS device to retrieve your order.