Creating a self-service cashless canteen with Allxs

Objective: Reduce queue times during ordering. 

Solution: Web, mobile and kiosk. 

The strength of the Allxs unified commerce solution lies in the variety of modules seamlessly working together to deliver the desired result. In order to achieve our goal, in this case, we combine the following features. 

  1. Self Service kiosk using our 12 inch tabletop device which can be used as a POS or a kiosk with built-in NFC reader and an external RFID, QR or fingerprint reader so we have you covered. Bank-issued credit card terminal can be added to process credit and debit card transactions right from the self-service kiosk. 
  2. Progressive Web Application. Our PWA is the one-stop destination for the end customer. Here customers can manage their profiles, account balances, access statement, digital receipts, special offers and place in-app orders for collection. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the user’s home screen, without the need for an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification.
  3. Print management console is used to ensure the right order arrives at the right place. Printers are assigned at the product level for a variety of outputs. These include receipts, orders, requisitions, and vouchers. When an order is placed at the point of sales, kiosk, online or in the app. The print console ensures that a receipt prints at the point of origin, order prints in the correct preparation area and automated requisitions can be configured to print in your store room based on minimum par levels in your digital warehouse. 
  4. Inventory management module ensures that only in-stock items are available for sale across the available points of purchase. This is achieved by linking a digital warehouse to every service area with stock depleting as purchases are made. The cloud-based system delivers realtime intelligence to help manage products that will be automatically removed from the points of purchase if all stock is depleted. The live view into the inventory makes for easy transfers between outlets or requisitions from the master warehouse. 
  5. Authentication mode is used to authenticate vouchers, tickets and collections. The system can redeem product-specific vouchers or simply verify its authenticity. The vouchers can be digital and redeemed with a tap of a card, QR code printed on a receipt or a uniquely generated QR in the app. The in-app QR can by used to make purchases or collect orders and is only valid for 10 seconds as an added layer of security. 
  6. The contextual communication system is designed to better engage with customers. A fully modular messaging system can deliver offers and communication based on location, time of day and personal preferences. The perfect way to move expiring inventory and increase the share of the wallet. 

Now that we have assembled our solution this is how a possible customer journey might look like. On the way to work our marketing manager has an 8.30 meeting and would like to order some coffees to be ready in time for the meeting. She opens her app, confirms the location and selects the in-app coffee shop. She adds the desired products to basket and checks out with the collection time specified. The system is configured to an estimated preparation time of 10 minutes and delivers the order to the coffee shop at 8.20 by printing to the coffee shop orders printer or the digital order screen. The coffees are fresh, ready and on time. At lunchtime, she makes her way down to the canteen and scans her phone of the reader attached to the self-service kiosk. The kiosks open her account displaying available balance and she begins to place her order. On completion, the kiosk printer issues a receipt with an order number with a QR code, the order is also delivered to the collection point or various collection points if the order was spread across different outlets. She walks across to the collection point, scans her receipt of in AP QR code on the collection device where there order is displayed with a collected tab. The order is handed over and the collected button is pressed to confirm the collection. Each stage of the journey is documented in the Activities tab in the app. At the end of the day the coffee shop has some fresh baked goods that need to be sold. A special offer is sent to all the employees based on their personal preferences with a one-touch purchase option. Expiring inventory is gone and a happy customer ends the day on a positive note.