Allxs launches e-commerce progressive web app solution for schools

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our cutting-edge e-commerce progressive web app (PWA) solution tailored specifically for schools. This new platform empowers educational institutions to create a seamless and efficient online shopping experience for their communities.

A Custom Online Mall for Each School

Every school will have access to its own multi-tenant online mall, where various outlets can be listed. This platform is designed to be highly customizable, allowing schools to:

  • List Multiple Outlets: Include the admin store, uniform shop, tuck-shop, and any other online stores.
  • Community Integration: Offer local businesses and community members a presence in the online store, fostering a sense of community and support.
  • Rewards Partners: Access key rewards partners available in the e-commerce environment, providing additional benefits and incentives for users.

Streamlined Fundraising and Cashless Transactions

The Allxs e-commerce solution is not just about convenience—it also supports school fundraising efforts and promotes a cashless campus. By integrating all stores into a single platform, schools can easily manage sales and transactions, reducing the need for cash on campus.

Unified Shopping Experience

One of the standout features of the Allxs e-commerce PWA is its ability to integrate various vendors into a single shopping experience:

  • Single Basket Checkout: Users can add products from multiple suppliers into one basket and complete their purchase in a single transaction.
  • Integrated POS and Inventory: The online and mobile stores are directly integrated into the school’s cashless point of sale and inventory systems, ensuring accurate stock levels and seamless transactions.

Key Benefits of the Allxs E-Commerce Solution

  • Convenience: Parents, students, and staff can shop online or via their mobile devices, making it easier to purchase school-related items.
  • Efficiency: The integration with existing POS and inventory systems streamlines operations and reduces administrative overhead.
  • Security: The cashless system enhances security by reducing the need for cash handling on campus.
  • Flexibility: Schools can customize their online mall to include various stores and community partners, enhancing the shopping experience.

The Allxs e-commerce progressive web app is set to revolutionize the way schools manage their online commerce. By offering a unified, efficient, and secure shopping platform, we are helping schools enhance convenience for their communities while promoting a cashless campus environment. Experience the future of school e-commerce with Allxs and discover the benefits of a seamless, integrated online store solution.