Going Cashless – Start Your Rewards Currency and Cashless Payments

Start using cashless payments and rewards at your venue or event today

Enroll your customer in person or online highlighting the benefits of joining your program. This could be as simple as the accumulation of value in proportion to their spend redeemable at your business and partner businesses.

Issue your customer with a branded cashless card and mobile application that will allow them to interact with your businesses. As appealing at moving to digital only solution may be not all your customers are ready for the mobile only world and the branded card is still a great option. Your brand in someone’s wallet definitely keeps you top of mind.

Give your customer the tools to easily access their points and accumulated values both online and inside a mobile application. There is not much point in having accumulated value if you do not know what it is or its too difficult to redeem.

Keep your customers informed of all that you have to offer in a non intrusive and relevant way. Make sure that only relevant information is sent to the right customers. This can be achieved through location, identity, and time of day messaging system. Context is of most importance and customers should only receive offers at a time when they are most likely to engage with them.

Allow your customers to purchase additional currency easily and conveniently and reward the use of your rewards currency by offering even more value. This in creates a prepaid environment for your business while delivering additional value to your customers.

Cashless Payment systems delivery unparalleled control and efficiency, allowing you to better understand the needs and behaviors of your most important customers helping you to focus enhancing their experience at your venue.

Removing cash from your venue has more to offer then just creating a safer environment. The importance of removing the temptations that are created for both external and internal criminal elements cannot be understated but there are many more advantages beyond this. A robust cashless platform gives you the ability to run your own in-venue micro economy with some great advantages that can be passed onto the customer.  Payment is the foundation of any effective rewards program as this is the basis for rewarding our customers. The more they spend the more they deserve to be rewarded for their patronage. This is difficult to achieve without an effective means to measure the spend and access to technology that does not break the bank is making this possible. Until recently such platforms were only accessible to the largest of companies and even run on banking infrastructure but those days are now behind us.

Now any business can start their own rewards based currency to be used at exclusively at their own business or partner with a group of businesses to entice customers to keep their business in your neighbourhood.