New Features for Allxs Cashless Payments in 2019

A sincere welcome back to all our schools, parents and clients. We are very excited about our roadmap for the year ahead and the new services that we will be rolling out. 2018 was a fantastic year with many new features added to the Allxs Smart School ID Cashless Payments Platform. These included recipe level inventory management, digital warehouse management, host to host banking integrations, web based print management, self-service kiosk and a mobile, table service solution. The Allxs Cashless Payments system not only makes your campus cashless everyday but will also cater to all your event requirements improving speed, safety and convenience.

Here are some of the new features that you can look forward to in 2019.

WhatsApp support has been implemented to help parents and clients with a faster and more convenient support channel. Please add 066 472 8657 to your contacts as Allxs Support. Please note that this is a message only support channel and will not receive any voice calls. We are confident it will speed up and improve your support experience.

Credit Card acquiring is now directly integrated into your Cashless POS to better accommodate parents and visitors that do not have an Allxs Smart school ID. This feature prevents credit card errors and helps to reconcile exactly which transactions were paid by credit card, automating your reconciliation process.

AXS Coin Rewards will be rolled out during the course of the first term. This digital rewards currency aims to help drive positive behavior across all the spectrum of school life. This includes rewarding healthy food choices at the tuck shop, achievements in academics, sports and culture as well as any other behaviours the community would like to reward. AXS Coins can be purchased by parents, schools and any other members of the community and can be used to reward anyone within the school community. This digital currency will be redeemable at the tuck shop for treats as well as value added services such as airtime and data right from the Allxs point of sale. Schools have the option to add their own rewards partners inside their own community as well as benefit from our growing list of partners. Movies, events and a few more surprises will be added throughout the year. In addition to driving positive behavior at schools, parents can use the system to drive positive behavior at home and reward their kids in a safe and meaningful way with a controlled set of redemption partners. Schools can also use the system to reward those parents who tirelessly support the school with their precious time.