ALLXS ahead of the competition

The disruptive economic industry FinTech (generally composed of start-ups who use innovative technology to make financial services more efficient) is paving the way for change in the financial industry. A recent report from Accenture found that global investment in FinTech has skyrocketed from $930 million back in 2008 to over $12 billion by the beginning of 2015. In South Africa, a host of companies has developed applications, processes, products or business models to deliver solutions namely Zapper, Snap Scan, Plankton and Plankomat. Complementing these are third party mobile point of sale applications such as TabletPOS, Vend, GAAP and Intelepos.
None of the current applications available on the market today offer POS, credit card processing, mobile payments, reward redemption, NFC enabled technology and location based communication all in a single platform.

ALLXS delivers the only product with a comprehensive solution for a broad range of industries.
By combining its diverse skill set and passion to deliver value across a number of channels, ALLXS weaves the latest trends in technology, entertainment, education, and finance and delivers a layer of contextual communication across all our fields of expertise, delivering a superior customer engagement and experience.

For the Merchant

The MiPOS (Mobile Intelligent Point of Sale) app processes customers credit cards from your mobile phone with no additional hardware required. Compatible with any Android device, MiPOS allows you to run your business with a full featured point of sale system as well as a built in customer communication platform. The platform allows you to manage a cashless environment, or virtual currency while issuing your own rewards and benefits. Unlike our competitors, the consumer application integrated into MiPos allows for seamless transactions, rewards and in app purchases with an integrated e-wallet as well as peer to peer payment solutions. Features also include:
Voucher Management. Retail digital inventory through our content partners and manage your own voucher issuing and redemption.

Live Intelligence. Live dashboard with sales and customer data statistics.

For the Consumer

ALLXS is a FinTech company committed to making financial markets and systems more efficient and we cover a wide range of sub-industries. Digital currency, data collection and peer to peer lending to name a few. The consumer app empowers businesses to take control of their mobile identity and engage with customers via personalized mobile messages delivered to the right person, at the right time. Features include:
Location Based Offers. Consumers receive relevant offers and promotions at the right time and the right place. The Beacon enabled app ensures that only relevant information is received at a time when users are most likely to engage with such information.

E-Wallet. Fully integrated e-wallet with in app purchasing, account management, coupons, tickets and peer to peer payment functionality.

Reward Redemption. In app, digital coupon management and redemption integrated into our mobile intelligent POS.

In APP Purchases. Pre-order purchases with the in app ordering engine and avoid the queues.
Hot Spot Integration. Instant access to over 2200 Hot Spots nationwide. In app purchase and authentication.
ALLXS will change how companies do business.