Cashless payment solutions powered by contactless cashless cards, beacons and mobile technology solutions. Our cashless payment card system comes with a fully featured point of sale system. Alternatively use it with your existing point of sale system to manage cashless payments, loyalty, gift cards and rewards.

The cashless payment solutions can be integrated into your property management software. Giving your business a new level of business intelligence as a result of our fully customizable reporting engine. Our cashless payment solutions can help you manage your risk and improve efficiency. Your very own closed loop cashless payments, rewards and customer management system.

Your customers can top up their cashless cards or armbands right from their mobile phones. In app account management. Allow your customers to pre-order and collect to avoid long queues. Improve their experience at your venue or event.

Cashless Payments for your Venue

If you are experiencing cash and stock losses or customers walking out without paying. A cashless point of sale system may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Enrol your customer in venue or online. Highlight the benefits of joining your program. This could be as simple as the accumulation of value in proportion to spend. Redeemable at your business and partner businesses.

Issue your customer with a branded cashless card and mobile application that will allow them to make purchases and earn rewards. As appealing at moving to digital only solution may be. Not all your customers are ready for the mobile only world and the branded card is still a great option. Your brand in someone’s wallet keeps it top of mind. Connect the membership card to ticketing and access control for a fraud free access control system. Easily deliver complimentary passes and vouchers linked to the card.

Give your customer the tools to easily access their balances, points, and accumulated values. Both online and inside a mobile application. There is not much point in having accumulated value if you do not know what it is or its too difficult to redeem. Create a tiered membership like the airlines and let customers earn even more benefits in return for their patronage. Allow your customers to purchase additional currency easily and conveniently. Reward the use of your rewards currency by offering even more value. This in creates a prepaid environment for your business while delivering additional value to your customers.